Camri L. Crandall - Staff Accountant

Camri L Crandall has been with Somnium Solution, Inc. since it opened in 2015. She brought more than 20 years of experience to the firm and has served our clients in many roles. Camri initially worked as the Admin, and now does Individual Tax Preparation, bookkeeping, and also heads the Payroll team. Prior to joining Somnium Solution, she was a certified dental assistant with an additional certification in Radiology. Camri truly enjoys helping our clients attain their goals, and plan for their personal and business dreams.

Camri has been a resident of Thompson, Ohio since 1996. Together with her husband Andrew, she has renovated and still manages, the many local rental properties that they own. The most important job that she has is being the proud mother of her 2 children, Drew and Kayla. She enjoys volunteering time to her congregation and is very active in her community as well.